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Tirza and DaVid have been playing together since the Summer of 2001 when they became the Pineda-Kosche Duo. Since, they have performed for over hundreds of thousands of people in the United States and Abroad. 

Performance Venues Include
Spivey Hall, HIGH Museum of Art
Fox Theatre Grand Salon
Fernbank Museum of Natural History
Chattahoochee Nature Center
William C. Hill Auditorium of the High Museum of Art
Atlanta Symphony Hall
Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia
Flagler Memorial
Old St. Augustine Village Museum
St. Augustine, Florida
Tuto Diffent Auditorium, Honduras
Catedral Apostol Pedro, Honduras

Recording Releases:
BACIO (2001), French Impressions (2002), il BACIO á la mode (2002), Songs of the Mockingbird (2004)

HONORS: Recipient of the City of Saint Augustine’s (FL) Coat of Arms by the Honorable Mayor George Gardner (2004).

Tirza is the former concertmaster of the Atlanta Chamber Orchestra (2001-2005) and DaVid is also a Luthier and Archetier, inventor and performer.

Experience for yourselves how Tirza & DaVid captivates and mesmerizes your soul through their recordings and live performances. The sounds of their violin and cello assume human characters as in the ancient story of Pygmalion and Gaelatia, where the creation of the artist's hands becomes alive among us. 


Tirza Kosche Pineda DaVid Pineda-Huezo

Tirza Kosche de Pineda

Tirza is an Atlanta native. Studied with Homer Holloway (Pupil of Jascha Heifetz and Ivan Galamian), Doris Holloway and Carol Stokes. Former member of the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra. Tirza also received classical dance training with the Atlanta Ballet School and International Ballet Rotaru. 


Former Concertmaster of the Atlanta Chamber Orchestra from 2001-2005. She is also a studio musician, having recorded four albums; BACIO (2001), French Impressions (2002), il BACIO á la mode (2002), Songs of the Mockingbird (2004) with her husband DaVid and with such world renown artists as the band KANSAS in their “25th Anniversary DVD”, the band COLLECTIVE SOUL in their “7ven Year Itch” and SOPHIA DARCELL in “Soul Eclectic”. 


She has performed in the most coveted performance venues in the Southeast United States including Spivey Hall, HIGH Museum of Art,  Fox Theatre Grand Salon, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Chattahoochee Nature Center, William C. Hill Auditorium of the High Museum of Art, Atlanta Symphony Hall and Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia. Flagler Memorial, Old St. Augustine Village Museum in St. Augustine, Florida. Tirza loves playing theater music which lead her to perform and tour with the New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players, the Atlanta Passion Play, Atlanta Lyric Theater, The Sigmond Romberg Orchestra and The Hollywood Hills Orchestra. 


Her publications are available through Hutchins & Rea/Symmes Music. Tirza and her husband DaVid are recipients of the City of Saint Augustine’s (FL) Coat of Arms by the Honorable Mayor George Gardner (2004).

DaVid Pienda-Huezo

DaVid is a Luthier, Archetier, Inventor, Certified Appraiser, Instrument Broker and Cellist. He is Owner of “DaVid Pineda-Huezo Violin Gallery” in Sarasota, Florida, and He has served as the “Luthier in Residence” with The Prestigious Sarasota Music Festival for six consecutive years. He is a sought-after Violin and Bow Maker, of handcrafted instruments in the Violin Family. He is a Gold Medal Recipient in Cello Performance from the Prestigious Music Conservatory in San Pedro Sula. He is the only Certified Appraiser in the Violin Family of Instruments in the southeast region of the United States following the USPAP guidelines, and The Violin Intercontinental Forum’s appraisal standards and practices. He has Brokered numerous sales of fine instruments in the Violin Family. He has been the owner of “Music Inventions” for thirty years, and having his proprietary products “Bow Tonic” and “Wood Tonic” written and reviewed in the popular “Strad Magazine” & “Strings Magazine”. He has held a teaching studio that has produced numerous students who have advanced into Prestigious Music Schools, Competitions, Orchestras and Careers.


My name is DaVid (pronounced dah-veed) and I am what is called a “Luthier”, which is someone who makes and or restores instruments in the Violin Family. I am owner of a unique and special studio/workshop gallery in downtown Sarasota Florida. You won’t see my name on our sign, instead you will see my musical logo/symbol on the building, as we are not a common or typical retail “music shop/store”. Instead, we are a place for a one-on-one musical experience into the world of the Violin Family. My wife, Tirza and I love to spend the time and effort in getting to know our clients, and give them an invaluable experience that we don’t think they’ll get anywhere else. We also welcome those that happen to stop by out of curiosity when they see our music symbol/art piece at our studio entrance. Now we hope you come join us as we explore the Violin!


Welcome to Sarasota, where we are referred to as “The Cultural Coast”, and this experience will leave you with a sense of what the ART OF VIOLINS is all about! Our journey into the “Making of a Violin” will take you through the stages and steps that are needed to make a Violin from the beginning of when it was first a tree, and when a Luthier such as myself, will use artistry, expertise and experience to make one of the most beautiful and beloved instruments in the world; The Violin! You will learn the “secrets” of the trade that are passed down through centuries of traditions that are still being used to this very day. You will learn about the wood used to create the different kinds of violins, the importance of the wood, and the different styles/patterns that are used, plus, why they are used. You will learn about the construction of the bare and beginning stages of a Violin, and you will also learn about the different varnish techniques that are widely used, and that create different shades and colors. You will even get to take home a unique souvenir from the Violin Studio that you can treasure from your time taking our class!



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